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Outplacement Resources

Be prepared. Read up on the latest tips and trends in offboarding, outplacement, and employer branding.

Crisis HR: How HR can help manage reputational risk in the digital age

Join Angela Champ, author and employee engagement expert — to learn how you can motivate and support your teams—and yourself—during this challenging time.

Reduction-In-Force Checklist

This resource is a checklist of the legal and practical issues to be reviewed in connection with a reduction-in-force. Topics include layoff selection, final pay, WARN Act compliance, communication techniques, and more.

How to Lay Off an Employee

Layoffs are sometimes necessary and an important part of this change process. This guide will give you a clear roadmap to prepare for and successfully conduct a layoff and includes best practices on conducting virtual layoffs.

Coronavirus HR Action Plan

As each day passes, we witness the coronavirus pandemic alter lives and businesses. This HR action plan will help guide you through several key actions and decisions you will likely have to make in the next few weeks.

13 Steps for Conducting a Virtual Layoff or Furlough During the Coronavirus Crisis

The way employers conduct layoffs and furloughs during this pandemic will define their brand perception for years to come. Learn 13 steps to take when conducting layoffs and furloughs.

[Webinar] Live Chat: How HR can lead through the coronavirus pandemic

Join Tracie Sponenberg, Kate Bischoff, Jon Thurmond, and Caroline Vernon -- to learn how HR leaders can help their organizations and people navigate the coronavirus crisis.

Outplacement Vendor Checklist

Ensure you select an outplacement provider that can deliver fast, flexible and effective support to transitioning employees.

[Webinar] Special COVID-19 briefing for all employers

Join Leslie D. Michelson, Chairman and CEO of Private Health Management -- to learn how to best protect your workforce and your business from the impact of COVID-19.

[Webinar] Crisis Averted! How HR can help manage reputational risk in the digital age

Join Beck Bamberger, founder of BAM Communications -- to learn how you can mitigate reputational risks in your organization so that crises can be averted or contained.

[Webinar] 2020 Work Culture: How HR Leaders Can Direct & Design the Futures of Work

Join Paula Cizek, Chief Research Officer of NOBL -- to learn how you can transform your organization’s culture for success in 2020 and beyond.

The Essential Guide to Outplacement

Get answers to all the common questions HR professionals have about outplacement. This guide provides an in-depth primer on outplacement: What it is, how it benefits both employees and companies, and which factors to consider when selecting services for your company.

Complete Severance Package Guide

Whether your organization is creating a severance package from scratch or updating an existing one, this guide will help you put together a suite of benefits that best fits the needs of employees and the goals of your company.

[Webinar] How to Retain Talent in Times of Change: Keeping Employees Engaged While Your Organization Evolves

Join Jenn Stalians, Vice President of People Operations at FULLBEAUTY Brands, and Caroline Vernon, Director of Sales at CareerArc -- to learn key actions you can take in order to retain employees through multiple business pivots.

Case study: Preserving brand via outplacement during a retail merger

Learn how this recreational retail company successfully managed its brand by providing convenient career transition support for every affected employee through CareerArc Outplacement.

Layoff Anxiety Study, conducted by The Harris Poll

We surveyed 2,204 U.S. adults and found nearly half experience layoff anxiety. Download this study to learn what is causing it, who is experiencing it, and how prepared American workers are for a potential layoff.

[Webinar] Compassionate Offboarding: How to Manage Layoffs with Empathy and Dignity

Join CareerArc's Caroline Vernon -- and learn best practices for offboarding employees with compassion and respect while mitigating brand impact following a layoff.

[Webinar] How to Wrap Up the Layoff Notification: Handling Emotional Reactions, Talent Risks, & Brand Impact

Join CareerArc's Joyce Domijan and Caroline Vernon -- and learn how to wrap up a layoff notice to support the employees affected by the layoff, and retain those who remain.

[Webinar] How to Begin the Layoff Notification: Delivering the News & Mitigating the Risks

Join CareerArc's Joyce Domijan and Caroline Vernon -- and learn how to expertly deliver a layoff notice to best prepare for a safe and successful separation event.

CareerArc Employer Branding Study

We surveyed over 1,100 professionals to learn the state of employer brand impact and to see just how powerful social media, reviews, and ratings truly are.

Layoff Notification Guide

There is perhaps no task more difficult than informing an employee that his or her job has been eliminated. Download this guide which outlines best practices, pointers, and sample scripts in conducting a layoff notification that benefits all parties.

[Webinar] 3 Keys to Protecting Your Brand in a Downsize: Lessons from the Tech Industry

CareerArc CMO, Yair Riemer, draws lessons from the recent tech layoffs and reveals effective ways to protect and strengthen your employer brand during a reduction in force.

[Webinar] The Dark Side of Employer Branding: How to Protect Your Brand from Misfires, Backfires, & False Alarms

The number of ways candidates and employees can share their opinions of employers and influence public perception has changed dramatically in the past decade. How are you protecting your employer brand?

Client Case Study - Jane

Meet Jane—a VP of HR at a multi-billion dollar organization. Learn why Jane chose CareerArc for her workforce over a traditional outplacement provider, and why her own successful transition through CareerArc made her glad she did.

2015 Employer Branding Study

Turnover is inevitable in any organization. Read this study to learn what specific qualities matter most to both candidates and employees, and learn how to protect your brand in the digital age.

Outplacement Survey Report

The report gives you current data on how companies are using outplacement services in a rapidly evolving social media and technology landscape. What features are most important when choosing an outplacement provider?

Managing Employee Separations & Layoffs - eBook

Five of the most influential minds in HR answer the question most are afraid to ask in this eBook. Whatever your firm calls it, how do you move forward after a layoff, reduction in force, termination, reorganization or separation?

Overcoming A Reduction in Force - Infographic

In this HR infographic, you can see the challenges faced by human resources professionals during a reduction-in-force, and get key tactics on increasing your employees’ success of landing a new job after a termination or separation event.

2015 Workplace Flexibility Study

Our survey revealed that workplace flexibility, outplacement, and health and wellness benefits are among the highest valued by employees. Learn which workplace programs are working, in demand, and truly worth the investment.